Meet DuinoDrive- The Retro Game Console for Makers

What You're Looking at

Is more than just a circuit board. 

It's a portal to an entirely forgotten way to game. 

Build your own. Code your own.

Share your creations the way they were meant to be: On the biggest screen in the house.

The Game Console For Makers

It's a blast from the past. 

Authentic retro sound and graphics.

8 bits of raw computing power.

No internet, No downloads, No updates- Cram in a cartridge and play.


Level up. 

Learn programming, electronics design, soldering, and game development- the fun way!

Create games in the widely-supported Arduino IDE and Myles Metzler's TVOUT software.

Ready Player Two

It's more than just you.

Bring a friend- The Duinodrive supports two controllers for fast-paced multiplayer action.

Mash those buttons: Our 6-button controller is a classic- two action buttons and a directional pad.

Extend your reach with any standard Ethernet cable. We'll never use proprietary sockets.

Plays nice with others

It's more than just games:

We've developed DuinoDrive to be completely Arduino compatible.

Use the same great language, developer environment, and accessories. 

The fun doesn't end with the games: DuinoDrive can be used as a developer board in almost any electronics project imaginable. 

Unleash The Games

It's more than what you play- It's what you create.

Download games from the DuinoDrive site and upload straight to your console.

Create your own retro hits and share with DuinoDrive players across the world.

From Space Invaders to Brick Breaker, find both classics and new favorites.


Feature Packed


Two controller support for multiplayer action.

Composite video/audio out.

Blazing 16Mhz clock speed.

32 KB of Flash.

128x96 resolution.

NTSC and PAL Compatible.